What is A Hair Weaving?

Adding additional real human hair or synthetic hair

What is a hair weaving

Before we could understand hair weaving, we need to ask: what are weaves? They are additional hair to your hair, real human hair or synthetic hair (not real hair), by adding volume or length of your hair through various ways. This hair, whether the real one or not, should look natural after weaved with your hair. Needless to say, they could be costly. After going through the weaving process, regardless of method, the additional hair should look like yours.

Different types of hair weaving?

The experts in hair styling have invented different types of hair weaving: fusion, lace extensions, bonding, netting, tracking… the list goes on. Why hair weaving? Individuals that suffered hair problems, such as baldness of any sort, traction alopecia, or alopecia areatatotalis, they could have new hope in looking good with some hair.

In simple words, hair weaving is done by gluing the additional hair to the naturally grown ones on one’s head, or directly on the scalp. Of course, this hair that is glued on cannot grow, as they are either synthetic ones or lack of follicles. They can also endure damages as time goes, and woven hair could fall out. Therefore, hair weaving should not be seen as the permanent fix to hair problems. Hair weaving has to be maintained, so one should visit hair stylists ideally once every half a year.

How can I benefit from hair weaving?

By now, we should know hair weaving is not a permanent hair fix solution, so why is it still useful? Hair weaving is viewed as a non-invasive process of adding hair to one’s head, as it does not involve clinical surgery that might induce pain. Hair weaving is also relatively cheaper as it can be done by non-medical professionals, and high density of hair could also be retained. One should not shy away from hair weaving as it is popular among celebrities and high-profile individuals exposed to media coverage. It is a mere solution to hair problem.

Are there any disadvantages to hair weaving?

No matter how good your hair looks after the hair weaving process, it is still just a temporary solution and could not solve hair loss issue permanently. It cannot permanently cure hair loss. Also, your hair line may not look natural after hair weaving. As compared to hair transplants which involve surgical procedures to enable growth of new natural hair, hair weaving only add hair externally and these hair need maintenance too. Visit hair stylists on a timely basis is inevitable when weave resetting is needed to maintain the hairstyle and volume of hair. Hair which is weaved in also required a lot of protection and care. As time goes, the hair weaved in also suffers damage, and some even got loosened and falls away as they are only glued to hair or the scalp.

Hair weaving is not your cup of tea if you are seeking for the permanent solution. Significant maintenance is also required to ensure the hair in good condition. The procedure of hair weaving may be cheap, but in the long run, it may induce high maintenance costs. One should consult a hair stylist or professional whether hair weaving is the best solution.