What you need to know about vixen sew in weavedeep site part sew in weave

There are many different types of sew in weaves however have you came across the “Vixen sew-in weave”? If you have follow various protective styling or weave-magic on the Instagram or Pinterest site, you might have come across this look. The Vixen sew-in is a recently popular sew in weave techniques that applies tracks in 4 various areas, instead of the single “hive” method that is traditionally used. This weave installment does not only allow’s you place your hair up in a braid. However you can part it across ,split it down to the middle, crown pigtail or even rock a French braids, all without exposing a single track.

Watch the video below to find out more:

Not a perfect choice for straight hair weave

All that appears to be left is selecting extensions that match your own color/texture, and you do not need to worry about other things with this protective style, right? Wrong.

For those who are considering of getting a straight hair weave rather than remaining natural, the vixen installation procedure is rather not a perfect choice– unless you wish to neglect your hair and be possibly getting damaged when you attempt to blend with your install.

Below are 4 reasons why you need to pass on a Vixen sew in.

  1. Not Actually A Protective Style

When installing using the conventional weave, most of the time all the natural hair is braided underneath the extensions. This can be an excellent method to let your hair rest, grow, and stay free of damage.

It is a deep side part sew in

But this is not the case with the vixen sew-in! This is a deep side part sew in only having the middle part retain with your natural hair for versatility. With a lot leave out in the center and all around the perimeter of your head, your natural crown is way a lot more subjected to the dangers of flat iron heat and constant styling.

  1. Chopping off the good hair.

To get the Vixen sew in to function, you will certainly have to reduce the wefts up to ensure that they can be put on the individual quadrants. The trouble of keeping that is, you don’t necessarily like the idea of buying a bunch of hair and also having the stylist to cut it right into tons. Considering the hair you purchased is not cheap or low quality to be wasted by cutting up the wefts.

  1. Uneven Hair Health

Try to imagine this. You’ve got some your hair tied into pigtails, yet there’s still a whole of the hair are leave out too. So while some of the hair is getting a break, while the remainder most of the time are blending in with your extensions and consistent being style.

The vixen sew-in strategy may look excellent, but as being said, all the good things should enjoy it in moderation.

  1. Budget:

To place it in lament terms, weaves isn’t cheap at all! Unless you know how to do your very own weave, constant maintenance means fixed expenses. If you are considering a weave calculate the amount that is to spend for a year and see if it is a financial investment you have the ability to afford, otherwise this could create problems with upkeep in which in the future could create permanent damage to your natural hair.

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