Real VS Synthetic Hair Extensions?


One can choose between having real or synthetic hair extensions with a few questions to answer: what look one desires for? What’s the price to pay for the extensions? How much time that one is ready to commit to the application process, and after that the maintenance and care of the hair extensions?

Real or Synthetic: Appearance

Because human hair extensions are real human hair, they come with the same texture and shade that natural hair has. You can get real hair extensions and have them be in a complete blend and match with your natural hair. On the other hand, synthetic hair extensions may not be in the expected quality level, and they are not real hair. Also, synthetic hair extensions will not completely match natural hair in texture and color.

Real or Synthetic: Longevity

Before actually committing the time and also the spending on an application of hair extensions, it is crucial to select a type that would endure. Depending on how well they are cared for, most real hair extensions can be used up to six months. Made from nylon and other synthetic materials, synthetic hair would not benefit from the use of traditional hair products. It is inevitable that synthetic hair would be fraying and frizzing after several washes. This is why synthetic hair may have useful life shorter than six months.

Real or Synthetic: Care and Styling

You can style real hair extensions in the same manner that you do with your natural hair with the styling tools and products of the same. You can care for real hair extensions in the same way you are caring for your natural hair, washing them with a mild shampoo, apply conditioners, and also apply heat protectors for styling. It’s not the same story for synthetic hair as you cannot style them with the same heated styling tool used on real hair extensions. It’s not easy to style them as heat cannot be applied to them, obviously not curling irons and straighteners, and also cannot be colored. But what make synthetic hair most appealing is that they usually can be worn right out of the box with very less or even without styling. The fiber in them enable them to retain volume, curl, and wave and they could bounce back into place effortlessly, but the curl pattern is permanent. They could hold up through bad weather without any frizzing or dropping.

When you consider how affordable synthetic hair extensions are, you could hardly be put off by it’s limited flexibility. Choose one from the wide variety of choices and wear them today!

How to Take Care of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Washing Your Synthetic Hair Extensions

You should have synthetic hair extensions brushed and detangled from ends to roots before washing them. Grasp the extension at the top as you brush. It is best to use mild shampoo for washing, and you should use only cool to lukewarm water to wash synthetic extensions. You are to gradually moisten them as they would be entangled easily when receiving too much water at once. Wash them in a downward motion without twisting or rubbing them.

Conditioning the Hair

Moisturizing conditioner won’t bring much effect on synthetic hair as it is on human hair. Synthetic hair is not natural hair and can’t absorb the conditioner.

  • Conditioners come in different types. It’s written on the label of the bottle, whether they are detangling, volumizing, or moisturizing.
  • Just in case you couldn’t find a detangling conditioner, have a look at the children’s section. Some companies make shampoos and detangling conditioners for children.
  • You can also add some sheen back to the hair by applying conditioner with natural oils in them, such as jojoba or avocado oil.

Drying Synthetic Hair Extensions

After washing, squeeze the excess water in the hair out gently. First, place the hair in your palm, and then tighten your hand into a fist to squeeze the excess water out. As you gently squeezing, work from the ends of the hair to the top. Be sure not to rub them against a towel and also don’t ring the hair in the manner you ring your out a towel.

Leave the hair extensions to dry on a towel. Get each extension placed on a towel and keep space between each track, not having the pieces overlapping. Because they would took longer to dry if they’re piled on top of each other. Don’t use comb or brush on them while they’re wet. If the extensions are still worn on your hair, blot them with a towel, preferably a microfiber towel as it would dry your hair without ruffling the strands.

Let your hair be air dry. Never use a blowdryer on them as blow drying would permanently change the wave pattern or curl of the hair. This means the hair would be ruined. While certain synthetic hair extensions are specially formulated to work with hot tools, most if them aren’t. Look for the instruction on the package to see whether you can use hot tools on your synthetic hair. That may not mean you can blow dry the hair unless specifically stated so on the label.

Styling Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions would bounce back into their original shape when dried. You need not trouble yourself to give the curly extensions any additional curling help. Again, please be reminded that you should not use curling irons and blowdryers on synthetic extensions, as the synthetic fibers can be ruined by heat. Using soft bristle brushes on them is okay.

Can You Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions?

Yes, but do take note that you should not add the synthetic extensions to your natural hair within two weeks of any chemical processes, including relaxing and coloring. You can apply witch hazel to the scalp to have braided extensions cleansed.

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