Short Wig Styles That You Will Fall In Love

There are many short wigs available in the market now, and they come in the latest hairstyles which are catered to women with hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy or cancer. The styles available range from Vogue page boy looks to adorable pixie styles, and they are suitable for almost any face shapes, making them such a popular trend in hair salons today. Any wig with its longest strand falls above the ears but not to the chin would be considered as a short wig. Let’s get trendy with a short style today!

Top 5 Short Hairstyles Wigs


  1. Rounded Bob

Concave bob hairstyles are the highlight of the year. Try out the look by wearing a wig with a deep fringe. However, keep in mind that when you go for this look, the style is no simple way and not for the busy morning. Do look up for concave bob styling tips to flatter in this style.


  1. Bobbi Wigs

You can have a dramatic change in your looks with this Bobbi short wavy wig. I am in love with the thick waves, which are very hard to obtain with naturally short hair, and it can be difficult to maintain them too. The Bobbi Boss Wig gives an easy way out as its wave will always look natural and styled, making it very easy to maintain. You just have to keep it moistened so that it has the smooth texture similar to natural hair.


  1. Razor Cropped Wig

You will feel it when you find yourself desiring for an edgy, fun and young hairstyle. Why not try out a wig with a short razored crop? The haircut allows you to curl it using small-barrelled tongs to get sexy and soft curls. Just play around the look and experiment whether you can live with the style for a long term.


  1. Pixie Style Wigs

If you have long hair but reluctant to cut it short, do not go beating yourself over that as you can just do a pixie wig to keep your long hair covered inside. The pixie wig comes with razor cut ends and playful short layers which are extremely daring, but yet create the right volume of hair for the face shape that one may have. Its full lace bang is also cut through to obtain the super stylish and face framing detail which gives the longer layers that protrude down to one’s cheeks from the sides. The layers at the crown of the wig are stacked to give ultimate height and volume while the layers at the back are cut super short. Any face in oval, round or heart shape would no doubt look fabulous with the wig.


  1. Tomboy Wigs

Short hairstyles are becoming more and more popular by days, as they can give your hairstyle the details that make you stand out from the crowd. This tomboy wig features short, well tapered and playful layers that form the perfect frame for a diamond or square face shape. It is crucial for you to use only the lowest heat setting when you are styling the synthetic wig.