short human hair wigs

Here are some short wigs and the latest short wig hairstyles for women that can be of great use to women with hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy, or cancer. The wigs in short length for women are available from above shoulder lengths to pixies, bobs and boys cuts in all styles. They can even be curly, wavy or straight to give you the modern, classic or trendy styles that you desire. Regardless of the length, style or texture that you are looking for, you would be able to find one that makes every day a great hair day.


1. Page Turner Wig by Gabor

This geometric classic is just irresistible for women who love a short, easy-to-wear cut. It comes with tapered lengths and textured bangs that create a soft effect. A Monofilament Crown it features also give a more natural appearance.


Short Pixie Cut Wigs

2.Jabula Hair : Pixie Lace Front Wig

You can have a cool head with the Beyonce Pixie Lace Front Wig which allows air circulation with-in the wig. The wig’s iconic style is inspired by the pixie cut used by Queen B Beyonce herself, to give you a rockstar look instantly.

Specifically shaped and curved to look great on all face shapes, the weave’s basic top gives support to the base and also add lift at the root. The weave can stay shiny and smooth if moistened throughout the day.

Despite being made of synthetic hair, the pixie cut synthetic wig has natural look and length from its volumized layers, which would make women who want to have a younger look be in the age that they desire.


3.Jabula Hair :Silk Lace Front Wig

This Silk Lace Front Wig would blend with your natural hair in a beautiful way that enhances the natural look to give you a magical summer vibe.

The numerous benefits come with the wig include zero irritation, maximum comfort, a softer finish, and camouflaged knots with skin tone silk lace, giving you a natural looking scalp which looks natural.

The modern day, short cropped cut makes such a stylish look for any occasion on any given day of the week.


4.Allure Synthetic Wig by Jon Renau

Many women are in love with the pixie hairstyle which reminds them of Tinkerbell, the cheeky and sassy pixie who is Peter Pan’s constant companion. Though many women would like to try to see if this particular style works for them, they are reluctant to have their natural hair cut off. This is due to there is still probability the style may not look nice on them, and they are stuck with the haircut for a long time before their hair grows back. Here is a good news for everyone who wants to know whether the pixie look works, the Allure wig by Jon Renau enables you to try out the look without the commitment. The synthetic hair wig comes with a traditional cap that makes it feels and looks completely natural. It is made available in 36 different natural looking hair colors, giving you the freedom to have your hair color and style changed, or even stick with your natural hair color and look as if you have got a funky haircut.

Designed for women with oval or narrow face shape, the wig is available in 42 various colors and is made of the same type of synthetic hair.

5.Amelia Human Hair Wig by Envy

Envy’s Amelia is a smooth jaw-length bob, and the human hair wig gives the wearer slight layering around the face and nape, and feature a lace front. Moreover, the cap is 100% tied by hand, and it has a monofilament top. All these contribute to supremely natural movement and comfort, the appearance of natural hair growth and a natural looking hairline. You can freely style the wig with heat as you would to your natural hair as it is made of 100% human hair. The cap construction is made of built-in poly tabs and strips to keep the cap secured for a more confident fit while also providing better comfort.

Human Hair Short Wigs Hairstyle For Different Face Shape

Round Face Shape

The Right Short Hairstyle


Our model’s round face appear longer than it actually is with this hairstyle that adds height. Instead of width, height should be added to round faces, just exactly what this hairstyle accomplishes.

 Oval Face Shape

The Right Short Hairstyle


This hairstyle gives some height on top and has soft wispy bangs that accentuate and draw attention to the eye region. The style looks good and doesn’t bring negative effect to the width or length of the model’s face shape. The look would be just as good even without bangs or height added to it.

Square Face Shape

The Right Short Hairstyle


For a square face shape, this short concave bob can make great looking hairstyle. The jaw line seems to be softened with the sides falling forward, and the diagonal bangs are good in minimizing squareness. The rounded appearance of the hairstyle makes it an ideal choice for framing square face shapes. Alternatively, looks with soft wispy side parted swept across bangs in curly or wavy textures are the short styles that would work well too.

Heart Face Shape

The Right Short Hairstyle


This short hairstyle is great as it suits our model’s heart face shape well. The height added on top gives the length that is needed for balancing out face shape which is known to be short and mostly wide. Without the bangs, the look appears to have more face and more height. Though it looks simple, it is really needed.

Triangular Face Shape

The Right Short Hairstyle


The way that this short layered hairstyle put hair to precisely where it is needed is ideal for our model’s triangular face shape to have a proportional and balanced look. While the heavy top layers make the hair to be fuller above the ears and rounder, the face shape also appear to be longer without bangs. This is done to distract attention from the jaw line and bring it to the forehead instead.

Diamond Face Shape

The Right Short Hairstyle


Our model here showcases a good example of hairstyle that would suit diamond face shapes, where bangs are needed to help shorten our model’s face length. The side part creates the illusion of one larger shape for eyes to focus on and this helps to make a face appear to be wider. The sides are wispy, soft, and would curve to form a round shape. This hairstyle can be made into variations that work for other textures.

Oblong Face Shape

The Right Short Hairstyle


People with long oblong face shapes should consider this hairstyle which is a good example of wearing their hair short. While the heavy top layers have a rounder shape, the bangs have almost half of usual vertical length so that the chin and face would appear shorter and more balanced. Hair of other textures can use this same shape too.