8 Sew In Weaves Mistake You Should Not Commit

A well-done weave can put on the charm on any woman. But if you do not give proper care to it then your hair may become a hot mess. Many things could go wrong while wearing a weave, issues that may surface ranges from bad blends to visible tracks. Fortunately, these common mishaps are preventable, and we are glad to share our knowledge with you.

You would be thankful to know these amazing tips that will be handy on due time.

Do Weaves Damage Your Hair? YES.

  1. Your hairline is damaged.weave hairline damaged

It is no joke when you realize that you began to lose your hairline. It can make you look hideous instantly even if you get a new weave and have it properly installed. You should not install your human extensions too tightly, or your hairline may recede. We advise against wearing your hair in a ponytail and tight braids, all the more when sleeping as such setting may pull your hairline even more.


  1. Even a great weave has to come out eventually.

There are times that we get the hype over a long lasting weave style, and then we stubbornly refuse to take it off, insisting that it should last according to the timespan detailed on the product label and keep remembering the price we paid to get them. Or it could be, it looks that good on us that we would not want to take it off. At times, your hair is giving you the signal that it is pleading for a break. For the sake of your hair’s wellness, it is best that you heed its plea and forego the style for the mean time.


  1. Your weave was not put on right, and the tracks start to show.weave was not put on right, and the tracks start to show

A good weave not only switches up your look but also effectively boost your confidence. One main objective of the weave is to convince everyone that it is your hair, but the whole look may come to ruin if any of the sewn-in tracks become visible. This could happen to you if the weave is installed too closely to your “leaveout”, meaning that real hair that is intendedly left out could not cover the tracks well. When it occurs, the only solution to the problem is to seek your hairstylist’s help to take it out and reattach it.


  1. Your hair looks stringy.sew in weave

Your weave needs cleaning from time to time, on a biweekly basis or even weekly if you work out frequently. The weave is similar to your real hair and may easily pick up debris, dirt, and bad scents. That is why a good scrub-down on them would be necessary when the extensions or your hair begin to look stringy. While it is okay to wash the weave on your own, you should consult your hair stylist to ensure that your natural hair is well dried and would not mildew.If you are on a tight schedule and could not visit a stylist to help you with a thorough wash, you can use a dry shampoo from Tresemmé which would sop up oil and mask the scent.

Hair Weaving Side Effectshair weave side effect

  1. Weaves and wigs can put the most stress on your edges.

It was indeed a bad news when you noticed your edges going and you started to lose your hair. The hairline is an important part of your hair and should be given proper care. Beware that the hairline may recede if your edges are damaged. Ance once damage, it is not easy to have them restored to good health. Take extra care of them and always treat them well.


  1. Not all hair is created equal.

Good things are not cheap, while cheap things are expensive. When it comes to buying weaves, you actually get what you pay for, because cheap wigs or weaves may no go well with your hair. You have to be careful with cheap wigs or weaves as they may have harsh combs, textures or tracks that are potentially harmful to your hair especially when your hair blends with it. More often than not, wigs or weaves with a higher price tag are thoughtfully designed with safer hair care.

Weave Hair Lossweave hair loss

  1. Your weave starts to shed like crazy.

If your weave sheds profusely whenever you run through it with a brush or bits and pieces of hair are falling off everywhere, you may need to discard it soon. It is advisable to purchase real human hair if you could afford it as synthetic hair usually sheds more. Think hair extensions as an investment, and it is something that you should put some thought. To obtain the most natural look and the best effect, always lets a professional hair stylist to install them for you. You could then get the most out of your “investment”.


  1. You’re not wearing your weave the way it was styled.

It is a usual sight that women with weaves are not wearing their hair in suitable styles. For instance, a weave that is supposed to be worn by letting the hair down should not be up in a ponytail as it would give an abundance look which turns out ugly. Keeping the hairstylist who is doing your weave well informed about the various styles that you want to try would give you a better result. This way, as the hair stylist know what you want beforehand, he or she could sew your hair properly. Be sure to do one last check before leaving the salon to ensure that the hairstylist has shaped or cut the weave into a style that suits you best.