What Are The Scalp Massage Benefits?

Raise your hand if you agree that a scalp massage is among the best features of getting your hair done at the beauty parlor. All of our worries seem to fade away as soon as our stylist or their assistant rubs our scalp with their fingertips in mild, circular movements. In fact, we get so comfy that there have actually been numerous times when we dropped off to sleep at the shampoo bowl just to be awoken by loud hair dryers.
It’s quite apparent that scalp massages assist to instantly relieve tension. Yet, we’ve heard sometimes that this simple technique is furthermore terrific for the total health of our scalp and hair. We ‘d think practically anything after a five-minute massage.


5 Benefit Of Scalp Massage

1. Natural Treatment for Migraines and Headaches

If you’re wanting to alleviate a pesky tension headache or a migraine, massage is a great option. Research study reveals that scalp massage can help reduce the frequency of chronic massages, along with other benefits like mood increases (through increases in serotonin, the “happy hormone.” Massage likewise helps lower the levels of the stress-hormone cortisol in our bodies by an average of 31 percent. This hormonal agent is associated with our fight-and-flight reaction when we have too much flowing through our body we’re at risk for persistent swelling and a weakened immune system.

2. Avoid Dandruff

When done using oil such as jojoba, almond, sesame, olive, coconut, and castor, it moisturizes and conditions the scalp. This helps you avoid dry flaky scalp and dandruff.

3. Enhance Your hair

It strengthens the hair shaft and helps distribute the natural scalp oils down to the remainder of the hair– this adds appeal and glossy to your hair and secure it from breakage and split ends.

4. Good Ways To Stimulate Hair Growth

The treatment promotes flow to the hair roots. Blood circulation to the hair cells means healthier hair growing out of your scalp. The health of the scalp is crucial to the health of the hair. Scalp massages help in the removal of dead skin cells from the scalp– and a flaky scalp is understood to intensify hair loss in certain people. It can be extremely beneficial to those who suffer from scalp conditions such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis.
Efficiency is extremely based on the application of the appropriate creams and products prior to the massage. Zinc can be useful for those with truly oily scalps as it helps to control sebum production. The use of steam (moist heat) can likewise make a scalp massage more effective.

5. It also relaxes the scalp and neck muscles.

Tight scalp muscles restrict blood flow and suffocate your hair follicles.

Scalp or Head Massage Techniques

Two fundamental types of scalp massages are effleurage and petrissage. Effleurage involves circular, stroking motions and petrissage is gentle kneading and lifting of the scalp. These two are the most typical types. Scalp massage ought to begin at the front of the scalp and work towards the back. It must be done carefully yet firmly with consistent pressure. The very best way to carry out a scalp massage is utilizing circular motion. To precisely do this, positioning hands in an L-shape type. Use the shape for the hairline. Bear in mind the quantity of pressure utilized in this area as there are sensitive pressure points. For the remainder of the scalp, use all your fingers with applied pressure in a circular movement.
Take extra safety measure not to tangle the hair throughout a massage. This can trigger damage as well as pull hairs from their roots. The excessive pressure around sensitive locations, such as the temples and neck of the neck, ought to likewise be prevented.

Head Massage Pressure Points


1. If you are performing your own head massage then start by choosing the ideal massage oil for you. There countless oils out there on the market but select the oil which is proper to your hair problem. Then warm the oil. Do this by putting it in a small dish and placing this over a bowl of hot water.

2. Then dip your fingers in this oil and apply it to all areas of your head prior to starting the massage.

3. To get the very best outcomes begin by massaging around your temples (hairline) and make your method to the back of your head by kneading and rubbing your fingers in a circular action. Don’t push down too forcefully; begin carefully then slowly increase the pressure on your head.

4. Ensure you massage the sides along with the top of your head till the whole of your head is fully conditioned. Increasing the pressure will eliminate dead skin cells and increase your blood circulation.

5. Leave the oil on the head for around 30 Minutes and then wash your hair.