Top 7 Brand You Must Check Out For Natural Hair Extensions

Where Can I Buy Natural Hair Extensions Which Has Texture Alike To Their Natural Hair?

In the past, ladies with naturally kinky or curly hair find it difficult to get hair extensions that can blend with their unique hair texture. It has been quite a while that the market is already saturated with hair companies that meet the demands of ladies who wants a full head of straighter-than-straight or Malaysian curly 24″ virgin Indian hair. But, there’s no one-style-suits-all trend as each lady has a style of their own, and not everyone prefers hair extensions that come with no trace of kink or with curls that are too shiny or loose.

For the past few years, entrepreneurs are responding to the growing dilemma faced by many naturals in finding a hair company which supplies weaves that look alike to their hair naturally. Wearing natural hair extensions gives you the flexibility of not needing further manipulation like curling or straightening on the extensions to have textures matching to your hair. You could even experiment with styling and coloring that you may be reluctant to apply on your natural hair. What makes it even better is that people may not easily realize that you’re wearing extensions, as some have grown tired of being asked whether they’re wearing weaves.

You would find below a list of 7 best natural hair weave companies recommended for all naturalistas.

Best Natural Hair Extensions

1. PRIVATE STOCK HAIRprivate-stock-hair
Private Stock Hair supplies premium quality cuticle hair which is unprocessed. Each strand has gone through careful inspection to ensure natural structure, color, strength, and luster. These hair pieces are 100% human and 100% virgin, and you can freely straighten, color and bleach them as they can revert. The hair pieces come in a variety of textures for curly, coily and kinky naturals, and even for wavy and straight styles. This brand of hair also come in hair closures, clip-on extensions and signature wigs.

Weaves For Natural Hair

2. KURLY KLIPS NATURAL HAIR EXTENSIONSkurly-klips-natural-hair-extensions

Busy women would find a savior in Kurly Klips when a quick fix to a bad hair day is very much needed, or one simply wants to add some volume or length to the hair. You can add Kurly Klips’ 100% natural hair clip-in extensions to your hair effortlessly, and then have it styled within 10 minutes’ time. The hair extensions are made available in two textures, the My Spirals collection for looser curl pattern and the My Fro collection for tightly curled hair. These hair have been tested to be of top quality and also long-lasting. Kurly Klips are just cute, efficient, flexible, and quick!

3. HAUTE KINKY HAIRhaute-kinky-hair

Just as the name suggests, this hair extensions brand focus on texture. What gives it the competitive edge is in its full head hair piece which has a shade of gray that looks very natural. The founder of Haute Kinky Hair, Toni Murray, wanted to create a hair line that would act and look just like the hair of natural texture. Haute Kinky Hair made three unique textures available, namely Coils, Curls, and Kinks. The brand is also the sole producer of wig unit which caters for ladies who are looking for the gray-colored option, as illustrated in the image above. Haute Kinky Hair’s premium virgin hair is reusable. And with proper care and maintenance, it would last up to a year.

4. RUNWAY CURLSrunway-curls

Runway Curls specializes in making hair extensions for textured hair, and their hair line is made of 100% virgin Ethiopian textured hair. While Runway Curls’ intent is that all women should embrace their natural curls and kinks, they do see the need for some minor flexibility and change in our lives. They’re well known for having stellar customer service and some of the best blending hair. The image above features their Classic Collection which resembles wavy and Afro-textured hair, and the hair can be bleched, dyed and cut without suffering the loss of shape. Their City Afro Collection is also available in many colors and can be used for crochet, twists, and braided styles.

5. KING ME HAIRking-me-hair

This brand really likes the letter “K”. The textures options available at King Me Hair are Koarse, Kinky, Kurly, and Koily, and all these are offered in a variety of quality options which you can match with the texture of natural hair. The model depicted here is wearing a blonde color King Me Kinky, specifically of 16” closure with three 16” bundles, and the hair has been colored. Customers are given options at King Me Hair to have the hair extensions colored in green, blue, purple and other trendy colors so that they don’t need to apply bleach or other harmful chemicals on the end product.

6. MY NATURAL HAIR EXTENSIONSmy-natural-hair-extensions

Are you one of them who are tired of damaging their hair over and over again in the many attempts of matching hair texture with the many types of extensions? My Natural Hair Extensions’ hair line is 100% human hair which has gone through steam press process to obtain the look of natural textures.

Kinky Curly 3c/4a & 4a/4b

This specific line matches textures of 3C–4B, and you can freely bleach, condition, wash, flat-iron, dye, color and cut the hair.

Afro Kinky

This line is specially for the 4C texture with tiny and tight ringlets, and you don’t need to do a twist-out to make your tresses match this hair. This would mean more fun with less work.

7. BIG CHOP HAIRbig-chop-hair

Big Chop Hair specializes in extensions that would keep your hair protected while also retain a natural kinky or curly look. The hair extensions are 100% human hair, the ideal hair for you even when you’re going on a trip or traveling. Big Chop hair also offer Blown Straight line which has a wefted hair and closure option, giving you the freedom to do a straight look yet need not worry about any damage to your natural hair.

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