What Are Micro-Ring or Micro-Loop Hair Extensions?mico-loop

Many hair extensions are made available for you to choose from. What makes these techniques different are the type of bonding material or glue utilized for attachment of the extensions to the natural hair. The micro-loop hair extensions are also known as micro-ring hair extensions, and it stands out from the rest as no adhesive is required. This is the reason why many preferred them. The extensions are applied by first having one’s natural hair attached to the weft of the extension using a very small loop or ring, which will then be pressed very close to the scalp so that the bond would be secure without using adhesive. The outcome is non-damaging, enduring, secure and extremely natural-looking.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Are micro loop hair extensions suitable for you?

  • No special heat levels or product required for attaching the micro loop hair extensions to your hair. Hair which is stronger or thicker would be most suitable to be applied on.
  • While installation of the extensions is very gentle on your hair, the bonds can remain secure for a long period.
  • You may not be able to treat and dye most extensions, but these are the one of the few which you can freely do so as the bonds of the hair won’t be affected.
  • It doesn’t take a long time to install these extensions, and the end results would still look incredible. The hair looks natural and blends very easily.
  • Just freely style them like you would to your natural hair. Unlike tape and keratin hair extensions which you are not to apply any heat near the bonds, micro link hair extensions have no issues with the use of heat.

The cons of micro link hair extensions

  • Micro link hair extensions come with one major disadvantage. They may cause damage to your natural hair if they’re not properly attached. The links may not weigh so much at the beginning, but you would feel as if a brick is attached to your hair when they became wet.
  • It may cause inconveniences sleeping on them as you would feel the links on your head.
  • Your scalp is susceptible to pain and itch for the first one to three weeks after the installation If the hair extensions are installed close to it.
  • You shouldn’t take out the micro link hair extensions by yourself as it would cause pain and you may have some of your hair pulled out.

After Care Routine After Getting Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions

The use of unsuitable aftercare products or techniques may cause the slip of hair extensions. So knowing what products to use and using them in the correct manner are essential.:

It’s not difficult to maintain your micro link extensions. Wash them using moisturizing hair care products once weekly or biweekly. When you’re using micro link hair extensions, it’s crucial to follow the steps below.

Step 1

Have your shampoo mixed with some warm water in a jug or an empty water bottle. Take note of the proportion that there should be no more than two table spoons of shampoo with 500 ml of water. Because too much of shampoo, it would act as a lubricate and the micro rings may slip down your hair and eventually come off.

Step 2

Put some of this mixture on the top of your head to have your scalp washed.

Step 3

After you’re done cleansing your scalp, have the remaining shampoo mix poured over the micro ring hair extensions. Careful not to pour directly on the rings.

Step 4

Use your fingers to have the shampoo distributed, and alternately a shower comb can be used. Try not to rub the hair in a circular motion as it would cause tangling.

Step 5

Then, use a bottle or the shower to pour lukewarm water over the hair and rinse it. Grab all of the hair, or a section of it if the hair is sectioned, then gently squeeze it from the top, near to the micro rings. Work your way until the ends of hair.

Step 6

If you’re using a jug or bottle, have it refilled and pour the water over your hair, squeeze your hair simultaneously by opening and closing your hand. Don’t rub the hair.

If the hair is still not clean, repeat Steps 3, 4 and 6.

The styling products, conditioners, and even shampoos used must have a Ph of 5.5. While it’s recommended to use moisture based products, avoid protein based products. Your European Remy hair extensions would become brittle and dry if too much protein applied on them. Products that contain sulfur like dandruff shampoo should also be avoided, and use alcohol fee products. Serums should be applied only on mid-lengths to ends of your hair extensions and not near the ‘micro’ metal rings.

As your natural hair grows, you micro link hair extensions also need to be tightened. It should be done once every three to four weeks.

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