Micro Bead Extensions Pros And Cons

Nowadays, hair fashion is getting modern, and there are many alternative products that can be utilized for different applications on the human hair. The hairdresser or hairstylist can attempt different methods to make the hair fashionable, and the use of hair extension is one such method. The micro bead hair extensions are one of the popular extensions, and the application process involves the use of small metal bead with an inner silicone lining.

We will lay out briefly some of the things which you should consider before getting some micro loop extensions for yourself. So as to avoid confusion, the micro bead hair extensions are also known and micro link and micro loop hair extensions.

Are Micro Bead Hair Extensions Suitable For You?


The Pros

  • The micro bead hair extensions don’t require any heat levels nor special product to have them attached to your hair. The most suitable hair type for the application is stronger or thicker hair.
  • The installation of the extensions is very gentle to your hair, and the bonds would stay secure for quite some time.
  • You can treat and dye the hair just as you would to your natural hair, and it is unique as these are one of the few extensions on the market that you do so, and the bonds of the hair will not be affected.
  • While the installation process may take a long time, but the efforts are paid off with the incredible look of the end results. The hair would blend easily, and it would look natural.
  • You can style them freely like your natural hair. While it is not okay to apply heat near the bonds for keratin and tape hair extensions, it is completely fine with the micro bead extensions.

The Cons

  • The micro bead hair extensions require frequent attention as the loops would start slipping down the hair shafts after a reasonable period of wear.
  • The metal micro-links are prone to break if heat is applied to them, this is especially so for women with natural tresses that are prone to hair fall.
  • It is good to have a good hairdresser or hairstylist as you should be concerned with the quality that you are getting, and having competent hairdresser or hairstylist would give you a good result for your micro bead hair extensions. Beware of hairdressers or hairstylists that camouflage as professionals but they malpractice the profession for the sake of good money.

Washing The Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions


You should wash the micro bead hair extensions in a downward motion so that the bonds are not tangled. You are also not to wash them too often so that the extensions can be kept fresh and healthy looking. However, if you neglect washing them, the build-up at the hair may loosen the metal links, and then the extensions will begin to fall out. The best shampoo for your extensions would be the mild ones that contain little or no parabens.