Learn How To Wear A Wig Step By Step

Using a wig can be lots of fun whether you’re doing it to cover loss of hair or just intend to enjoy the range of hairdo, lengths, and shades that using a wig makes it possible to accomplish. Wigs regularly warm up to the temperature level of the human body, so in the winter season, a wig could replace a hat. During the summer season, wigs are made use of to shield your hair from the sun and even assist you out vacationing, when there is no time for hair styling. There are a couple of things to bear in mind when it comes to acquiring the ideal one for you as well as using them.

Certain wigs should be treated in defined ways, and also how they are used is very important as well, or they will look artificial. There is likewise all type of various pins as well as clips to make use of together with wigs too, and it’s important to know which one is right wherefore purpose. Putting on a wig is very easy once you get utilized to it as well as below are some pointers to assist you through your first few times of donning them initially.

Step By Step Learn How To Put On A Wig Properly

how to put on a wig properly

How To Put On A Wig Cap

1. Let’s begin with the wig cap, this suggests for people who have long hair, lots of hair, bigger heads, because it does help maintain your all-natural hair flat so that the device lays flat too.


2. The next thing to do is to add a wig band. They are lifesavers, particularly if you have issues with your wigs shifting, you have lots of hair, any of those problems as well as you could use this with or without a wig cap.

3. Locate the back of the wig, where the tag is.

4. Hold the wig with both hands, one on each side of the tag.

5. Location the front of the wig at your eyebrows and pull the wig right over your head. (Setting it at your eyebrows will certainly keep it from slipping back.).

6. As you pull the wig down, use your thumbs to tuck your own hair or ponytail under the wig.

7. Now, ensure the wig remains in location, and also you want to be certain you placed the hairline straight on the wig band, but still covering it up. (It is important to take it all the way to the hairline; else it will end up like you don’t have a forehead).

8. Run your fingers along the sides of the wigs and locate the two hard ear tabs; they are generally near your temple. Make sure that these ear tabs are even; this is how you know that your wig is straight.


9. As soon as the wig is at your hair line, tabs are even, and the wig is pulled down at the back, you’re done.

10. What you left to do is to style it, comb it, brush it, whatever you’re going to do.