Tips On How To Style Wigs

There are times that you want to modify your wig to blend with your outfit or your costume. Read on to find out some tips on how you could maintain, style and make the best out of your costume wig:

Wig Care Tips


  1. Go for the right hair product

It’s crucial to know that when it comes to styling your synthetic wig, you need to use care products which are specifically made for the hair. While the common hair care products intended for your natural hair or human hair is good for the hair on your head, it may not be so for the synthetic wig. In worse care, using these products on your wig would gradually shorten its useful life. What makes synthetic wigs great is that they do not require much maintenance, and they come with style memory, meaning that they stay in style even after washes.

  1. Style your wig when it is completely dry

As the water’s weight would stretch the wig’s fibers, it is impossible to style it consistently when it is still wet. You should not brush your wig before it is fully dried.

  1. Spray bottle

When styling your wig, use a spray bottle to lightly spritz your wig with cool, clean water. Spritzing the wig as you style the hair using your fingers helps revitalize limp strands or smooth frizz without having the entire wig washed. Doing this would also remove static electricity. You can easily manipulate most short wigs by using only your fingertips. As for longer wigs, you can smooth it down with your hands and manage the ends with your fingertips.


  1. Use a chin strap to secure the wig on your head.

This would allow you to freely use both of your hands and seeing both your face and the wif frame as you style.


  1. Take advantage of wig styling tools, such as a blockhead.

The use of this accessory enables you to see all sides of the wig easily. This is particularly helpful if you find it hard to reach up or back to comb your wig.


  1. Brush your wig to wake up the fibers.

Brush your wig using special brushes that are specifically made for combing synthetic wigs. You can purchase the product from an online store like Amazon, or from beauty supply stores. Avoid using regular brushes as they could cause the wig’s hair to split, break, and become frizzy. If you are out of choice and have to use a regular brush, do ensure that its bristles have rubber tips, as this would prevent hair breakage.

  1. For more volume

If you want more volume at the roots, you can back comb or tease the underside of individual layers, have the top of the strands smoothed back as you go. For a light lift, just gently lift the roots away from the cap using a wig comb. Then, lightly spray the wig using a wig spray to set the style.

Styling Human Hair Or Synthetic Wig With Bangs


  1. Styling bangs

It can be slightly tricky when it comes to styling bangs on your wig. As you put on your wig, have it positioned slightly below the natural hairline in case that bangs will be worn mostly pushed back off of the face. If you want volume in the bangs, with an upward stroke brush them from the underside and allow the bangs fall back into place.