Blending Hair Extensions To Look Natural

How to make your extensions blend in nicely with your own hair and how to make them look lovely and natural?
We will look into 3 things:
1. hair extension shades
2. length and blending
3. fitting

Hair Extension Shadeshair-extension-shade

There are several different ways
A) You can go to; this is just a really cool way of matching your own hair extension shade. There are loads of different pictures of celebrities, bloggers, and other lovely ladies’ hair, all in the different varieties of hair extension shades, so you can find one that’s perfect for you
B) Get a picture of a swatch of hair with somebody wearing the hair extensions. It’s very important to decide which hair extension shade is right for you and you’re not sure which hair extension shade to choose you can always e-mail them, with a recent picture of yourself and a picture of your hair in natural lighting. A picture of yourself outside is probably the easiest way to do it. Don’t take, a picture of your hair under indoor lighting or with an Instagram filter on it.
If you have already received your hair extensions, and they’re the wrong shade there are still 3 options for you:
Option 1
You can always send your hair extensions back to your seller/merchant for an exchange, all you need to do is just take it out, put it up next to your own hair, and see if it matches, if not, just send it back.
Option 2:
You can always dye the hair extensions yourself. You can dye the hair extensions up to two shades darker, but never bleach them because our hair extensions have already been through a chemical bleaching process.
Option 3:
Lots of people fall in love with the color of their hair extensions, and prefer it to their own hair shade. If you find yourself in this situation, all you need to do is just head over to your salon, take your hair extensions with you, and let your hairdresser do their thing, and dye your hair to match the hair extensions.

Length And Blending: Blend Hair Extensions To Your Real Hairblend-hair-extensions

If you just throw your hair extensions in, they’re not going look splendid, so you’ve got to work at getting them to blend in really nicely with your own hair. Always make sure that your hair extensions styled in the same way as your natural hair. Because this just makes them look way more natural. If you’ve got hair extensions in that are straight, and your hair is curly, it’s not going to look good. So, what you need to do, is just put your hair extensions in, you can style your hair extensions along with your own hair.
When you’re styling your hair, it can sort of tug on the extensions a little bit, so just make sure you’re soft and gentle. In order to make your hair extensions look beautiful, and natural, and blend in with your own hair, head out to your salon, to get the hairdresser to cut your extensions while they’re in your hair. You will find that this creates a seamless, natural kind of look, especially with our hair extensions, there’s just so much hair on the weft, they’re really lovely, and thick. Since there are lots and lots of hair to play with and you can always get the hairdressers’ to get it all blended in with lots of nice layers.
So, if you’ve got short hair, our tip would be to just pin back any shorter pieces of hair at the front, just to make sure that you disguise those layers and blend the hair extensions in really nicely. So, don’t have too many hair extensions at the back, don’t have too many at the sides.

Fitting: How To Style Hair Extensions?how-to-style-hair-extensions

The way the extensions are placed into your hair is crucial for ensuring your look remains natural. When setting the extensions onto your head, they will need something to grip onto. All you have to do is spray hairspray onto your own hair and tease gently before pushing the clips on. This will allows the extensions to grip onto the bird’s nest and stay more securely.
Some might also find that if they gently shake them with their fingers once they’ve been clipped in it helps the extensions to look more natural. Eventually, this will allow the extensions to mix with your own natural hair for a more seamless look but make sure to be extra careful that you don’t accidentally catch the clips and pull them out!