How To Dye The Synthetic Wig Perfectly?how-to-dye-the-synthetic-wig

Since synthetic hair is commonly made of nylon or different types of plastics, these materials are slick, and most dyes would wash right off. Hence, the need for heavy-duty coloring. It is important to select a darker color than the hair’s color when you attempt to dye synthetic hair. If the hair is dyed in a lighter color, then the darker hair underneath may show through.

Did you experience issues of not able to get the perfect shade of hair color for the style that you want to dress yourself with?

Below are few of the tips you should follow:

1.Firstly, you have to get your hands on a high-quality hair piece and dye. A poor quality synthetic hair may give in easily when you start to dye it. While it holds true that price may be one of the major considerations when choosing a hair piece, you should keep in mind that the cheapest hair pieces are usually of the poorest quality. That’s why you should settle for a high-quality hair piece that is reasonably priced. You can know that a wig is of high-quality just by looking at its weft. You should purchase wigs that have wefts that are fine and evenly distributed rather than those unevenly distributed.

It’s best to go with a platinum bond wig as it provides a good base for your dye. If you have already decided on a specific dye color that you will use, then get a hair piece which is in a lighter shade. The dark-colored synthetic hair should be avoided as its shade cannot be lightened.

2.There are two methods of dyeing which you can go with: one is the cream color method, and the other is the fabric dye method. While it’s best to handle nylon hair pieces with the fabric dye method, the cream color method can be used to dye hair pieces made of other materials.

How To Dye Synthetic Hair With Fabric Dye?how-to-dye-synthetic-hair-with-fabric-dye

Things You’ll Need

  • Wig Colored permanent markers (optional)
  • Empty spray bottle
  • Roux Fancifull Hair Rinse
  • Fabric dye (in a color near to the shade of your current synthetic hair)

To get your synthetic hair color dramatically changed, purchase a liquid fabric dye of the desired color, then dissolve 4 oz. of dye with one gallon of water. Proceed to submerge your hair piece in the dye and soak it for at least 45 minutes, let the process go on until you obtain your desired shade. After that, rinse through hair piece, then take care of your hair piece by conditioning it as per manufacturer’s recommendation.

For your synthetic hair piece to have a softer change, the Roux Fancifull Hair Rinse maks a great solution. To have the hair coloring evenly distributed throughout the hair, pour the Roux Fancifull Hair into a spray bottle then spray the hair with it. Do not rise after spraying, but allow it to dry. You may re-spray if necessary.

If you want to give your hair piece some fun and colorful stripes, you may use permanent ink or colored Sharpie markers to add the color stripe by stripe. Beginning from the root, have the wide side of the marker tip placed against the hair shaft, then run along the hair with the marker until you achieve the result you want. As the process can be long and slow, so it is wise only to do it when you have plenty of free time to sit around.

Cream Color Dye Methodcream-dye-method

For the cream color method, you will need to use an apron and disposable gloves. Pour a recommended amount of the cream color developer and synthetic hair dye into a plastic bowl and mix them together. Follow the instructions printed on the packaging, let the brush dip in it to absorb the hair dye but don’t drip off the end. Start from the root of the hair and brush out towards the end of the fibers. Besides, you should begin with the parts at the base of the neck, and also simultaneously have the plastic clips removed. By doing this, you will have every section covered. Go on to layer it over the previous section til all sections are done. Continue to move your comb thoroughly over the hair so that the color can be evenly distributed through the fibers.

Lastly, let the hair sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it with running water. Beware not to tangle or rub the hair piece.

Tips & Warnings

  • The lighter is the original color of the synthetic hair, then the easier it can be dyed. Should you prefer to have your synthetic hair piece to be in a bright color, the best way is to start with a blond or platinum wig. Put the hair piece on something freestanding like a paper towel holder to be dry after coloring. This would ensure that it touches nothing else and be allowed to dry evenly.
  • When you color your hair piece, let it dry between dye baths before adding more dye. This can help to let you have a more accurate idea of the exact result of the color.