The Damage Free Hair Extension, Halo Headband Hair Extensions

Don’t you get jealous over the celebrities’ long luscious locks that are just so perfect? You can instantly create extra length and fullness with the headband hair extensions as it’s simply the best and easiest way. Best of all, you wouldn’t need to go through the hassle of clip-ins or even the permanence of sew/braid/tape extensions.

The headband is of monofilament wire which is made intendedly to stay on the top of your head. You could freely part your hair anywhere you want while the wire is clear and stays invisible. It would take only minutes to have the hair extension put on.

The headband hair extensions would be most suitable for people who:

  • want to expand their hair styling options
  • have a sensitive head or scalp
  • want to experiment with extensions before committing to a permanent set
  • need a lower cost option
  • have busy schedules and little time to spend getting ready every day
  • want hair which requires low maintenance
  • want to be able to wear their hair both long and short
  • want longer, thicker, more voluminous hair

 Halo Hair Extensions Cheap Option- Synthetic Halo Crown Hair Extensions


1. Secret Extensions

Being made from an all new keratin conditioned fiber, the Secret Hair Extensions is very much like the real thing not only in its look but even the way it feels and moves. You can also straighten, trim and wash your Secret Extensions. They come available in 12 salon inspired colors which would blend so perfectly that no one will know that you’re wearing extensions. Besides, if you want to try something different, you can go for a shade lighter for the Ombre look or a shade darker for a highlighted effect.


2. Flip-In Hair

Flip-In Hair is the original hair extensions that are damage-free and temporary. It comes with a wire which is likened to fishing wire, and the wire goes around your head, fitting perfectly. You can wear it safely as it wouldn’t slip off. Also, its color match is just so amazing.

The Flip-In Hair comes with an attractive black jacket in every set so that it can stay protected and you can hang the hair extension when it’s not in use. A tail comb is provided too, for you to have your natural hair pulled over the top of Flip-In Hair. A spare wire is provided too, just in case you need it.

Headband Extensions Human Hair


1.Hidden Crown

Made of 100% human REMY hair, Hidden Crown’s halo-shaped design is double drawn, meaning that it’s texture is thick all the way down to the ends. It has such natural look, and the wire stays hidden completely.

These hair extensions offer 40% more hair as compared to other brands, and they’re also the least expensive concerning price per gram. On top of adding volume, they’re plentiful and soft too. Besides, they’re also super easy to put on, and you will barely feel Hidden Crown on your head as they’re super comfortable.


2.Halo Couture Extensions

Just as the name of the extensions implied, the hair piece is to be placed onto your head in a “halo” formation. You can freely wash and heat-style them as they’re made of 100% Remy human hair, you need not worry whether they’ll disintegrate or melt. They’re great at holding the curl too. It’s, in fact, less maintenance and cheaper in the long run.

These extensions would add about 70 to 120 grams of hair to your head, and the volume is approximately a full head of hair. One important feature to note is the wire which is completely adjustable. What makes it so significant is that one size fits all is not a good approach as everyone’s head may differ slightly in sizes. The adjustable wire would make the extensions more comfortable to be worn and also helps the halo extension to blend with your natural hair better.

Reasons To Get Halo Style Headband Hair Extensions

  1. Save Your Penny

The Halo requires only a one off payment, and no pricey maintenance would follow. This means that you would save money in the long run, while other types of hair extensions would require you to visit the salon regularly which would cost up to $1,000 over a year’s time.

So, if you’re desperate for the long locks yet in the dilemma whether should you get the super cute bag instead, fret no more and snatch one of these SP Halo ASAP!

  1. You Don’t Want To Be Tied Down

You’re basically stuck to the tape and glue extensions until you feel the need to dispose of them, not to mention the high maintenance and the hassles you have to put up with.

The Halo offers so much versatility that you need only seconds to take it in and out, and even doing it easily without any damage to the piece itself.

If you’re still clueless about how to have a short term hairdo, the Halo piece is definitely for you.

  1. You Want Some Remix

Talking about boring, dull and lifeless, are you reminded of your same old hair style? A Halo comes with volume, length, and style which allow you to have more hair to play with and you can have much fun with it.

Regardless whether you’re going for dinner with the girls or simply to have an extra bit of lushness to obtain the style you longed for, the Sitting Pretty Halo is just the perfect accessory you need.

Moreover, it doesn’t require much styling or heating as it’s able to hold its style up to months.

  1. You Want VOLUME

The Halo offers not only length but also an amazing amount of volume that is sought after by those with thin hair. Don’t you just love the Audrey Hepburn lush look?

You can even effortlessly trim and layer the Halo to match with your face shape and have your hair transformed into a head full sexy volume within seconds.

Why put up with thin hair? Say hello to voluminous locks today!