Top 6 Picks For Hair Extension Ponytail

It’s typical for ponytail hair to be gathered at the base of the neck, or at the middle of the back of the head. Depending on fashions, one may also have ponytail extensions worn at the side of the head and over the ear in a formal manner, or even on the very top of the head so that the hair would fall on one side of the head or fall to the back. If you want to have a style which is professional, sleek and smooth, get a clip on ponytail which is also known as clip-in ponytails or pigtails. Weave ponytails or drawstring ponytails come in short and curly, long and wavy, afro textures and are available in a myriad of colors from rich dark browns, fire reds to the champagne blond. Clip-in ponytails can make you look amazing within seconds!

Best Ponytail Hair Extensions

1.Cliphair: Clip-In Ponytail Extensionscliphair-pony-hair-extensions

Stay on top of fashion with these clip-in ponytail hair extensions and have heads turn towards you. Clip-in ponytails have made an official come back in the fast fix and easy style which is available from messy-chic to ultra-sleek. Just have the clip-in ponytail hair extensions attached by using an invisible comb and a ribbon to keep the joint hidden. The clip on ponytail extensions are made of 100% Remy Human Hair, and they are perfect for all hair types. Wearing one casually during the day would make you look adorable, and it can even turn your evening look into an elegant, glamorous and sexy style.

2.Halo London ponytail


The Halo Ponytail makes the ideal accessory that can be used for just any occasion and you can have your ponytail volumized, lengthened and thickened within seconds.

Follow a few simple instructions below to get brilliant results.

  1. Have your hair tied into a ponytail or a small bun.
  2. Then slide the ponytail into the top of your ponytail or bun with the help of the comb attached to it.
  3. Separate the long section to the main ponytail and then wrap around the base of your style. After securing it with all joins hidden, you can pin the hair to secure it.

A secure velco section is also featured in the Halo Ponytail.

3.Annabelle’s Wigs: Ponytail Extension Hair Pieces


Still on the search for a smart new ponytail hair piece that would give instant chicness with extra volume and length? It’s incredibly easy to have them with these ponytail extensions from Annabelle’s Wigs, and there’s more to discover! These ponytail extensions are mostly clip on hair, while some of them come fitted with a small comb which the hair wraps around. Angela will be the perfect choice if you prefer the low-slung, sleek wrap-on ponytail hair piece which is a catwalk favorite. On the other hand, Jasmin or Nyla clip-on ponytail extensions would give you more of daytime, sharp city looks. All the ponytail hair extensions are available in various colors, and you would also be able to find feminine waves and curls in several lengths. It’s no longer a dream to have the celebrity style glamor everyday.

Human Hair Ponytail Extension

4.Simply Straight Pony By Hairdo


Talking about versatile styling, the Wrap Around Ponytail Hair Extension is the ideal solution. You may want to revamp your updo for a night out, or add extra thickness to your ponytail, the wrap around ponytail can have your look transformed in no time! The ponytail doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Grab a Wrap Around Ponytail today, and have even your lazy day hair style on fleek! This extension is easy to fit, and it’s made of 100% Human Hair.

5.Cleopatra Hair Extensions


Are you bold enough? Reveal your wild side with this clip-on Ponytail Dreadlocks extension which is simply gorgeous. You may have always longed to try Dreadlocks but not ready to commit to such a big change, these dreadlocks that come in a range of 15 fashion and natural colors make it possible for you. They may give you a plus for being bold to try something different, and they’re also perfect for a night out too.



The best description for the ponytail should be the little black dress of the hair world which would look pretty on the runway and also at the gym. When you want to step up your style stakes or make a show-stopping entrance, you should go for a clip-in ponytail – the ultimate hair hero which is a must-have accessory. Hershesons offer a wide rang of clip-in ponytails that would have you hair wardrobe maxed out with a genius solution that stays undiscovered to many but you. These extensions are pre-styled for your convenience, and they’ll never lose their shape. They can instantly give you a thicker and longer looking hair.