Choosing The Sealant / Hair Extension Glue

Some of the weft sealants available in the market are specifically made for hair wefts, and they provide a good bond without leaving a white crust or residue along the weft. Fabric glues can be a reasonable alternative to hair weft sealants as they are dry clear and tend to be moisture proof. Some of the fabric glues don’t dry clear, and they leave a gray or white film when dried, so you should look at the bottle and see whether it dries clear.

Best Weft Sealer


  1. Kinky Curly Yaki Weft Sealer

Make use of this little bottle of goodness to protect your investment. We strongly recommend that you have your wefts sealed to prevent shedding. This weft sealer would extend the useful life of your extensions. For seamless blending, it is available in dark and natural color. Also, it is quick drying and water resistant.


  1. Aleene’s Stop Fraying

This fabric glue would perform very well at sealing wefts while also stops unwanted shedding, in a way similar to Aleene’s  Fabric Fusion. While this product can work for sure to decrease the amount of shedding on your hair wefts, it does not dry as well when compared to other products. It even tends to remain gluey and a little sticky after it is applied. Reapplication is required from time to time to prevent shedding as the adhesive bond may fade over time.

Glue For Hair Extension


  1. Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold professional bonding products are essentially the next generation of cold fusion. In comparison to other products, Liquid Gold not only bonds up to five times stronger but also five times longer lasting. Liquid Gold also enables application of seal braids, wefted installations, and highlights and lowlights. You can even use it to apply bonding tips to bulk hair for application of other extensions like fusion. You can remove Liquid Gold quickly and easily with Liquid Gold Bonding Remover, which is a superior remover which you can use for other latex bond adhesives. Liquid Gold also dries clear, making it a concentrated bonding agent that is ideal for all hair colors. It also provides a better salon experience as it doesn’t have an offensive odor. You can use heat to re-liquified the bonds, so that reapply due to product drying is not required. As a matter of fact, the drier Liquid Gold is after it’s applied, then the better it will bond. This is unlike latex glues that have to be bonded quickly before they get dry.


  1. Never Loose Weft Sealer

Available in both clear and dark formulas, Never Loose Weft Sealer is a quality weft sealer that can dry very quickly. You will require more than one bottle as it may not be enough to complete all of your bundles if you go just with. However, it also depends on the volume of hair that you want to seal. It works in a very similar way like how Stop Shed Weft Sealer does, that they may be from the same manufacturer. These two products share many same characteristics as well as drawbacks, with exception of the dark color formula.