Top Recommended Hair Extension Classes Available In United State

Hair extensions are as according to industry estimates, the business which yields $3 billion dollars annually. It’s no doubt the high time now to get hair extension training to equip you with skills required to generate profitable income from being an expert in extensions. Learn how to have extensions applied in the correct manner and have your clientele and income increased.

We have listed below the TOP 3 Recommended Hair Extension Class Available In the USA.

Hair Extensions Los Angeles


  1. Studio She 

Being the only company in the US and Canada that could teach all the methods of hair extensions, Studio She® provides a fast track approach which eases the learning curve. In fact, Studio She® isn’t tied to one company, but they provide you with a vendors list which is so detailed that you would know who’s who in the industry, enabling you to easily build your career.

Studio She® learning method is hands-on via mannequin workshop which equips you with just about everything needed for complete success. Each class is limited to 8 persons.

The Methods That You Will Learn

Wefting, knotting, keratin, tape, paneling, strand by strand, individual, linking, skin wefting, warm fusion, cold fusion, sew in, weave, flat box fusion vs. roll in fusion keratin bonds, micro, U-tip, I-tip, bonding, beading.


  1. Milvali Hair Extension Training and Certification

Completely different from what other Hair Extension Training and certificate could offer, Deb Monti would teach you personally, and there will only be four other stylists join along with you. You can be sure to get all the attention required to become a consummate pro. The training offered by them is no way related to extension brands, and they’re also not representatives who intend to sell you our brand. It’s genuinely only about the technique and method that you will learn to achieve long-term success.

You’ll be equipped with all you need to know about extension processes in this two full-day intensive Extension Academy.

What You Can Expect

Day 1: Theory

  • How to brief your clients on extensions.
  • How to provide your client with successful consultation.
  • The significance of doing custom color matching.
  • A to Z about hair.
  • A to Z of extension methods.

Day 2: Hands-On

  • Doing the proper application, learning about common mistakes and ways to avoid them.
  • Styling, blending and layering as finishing techniques.
  • Aftercare and Thorough Maintenance.
  • Removal of hair extensions, Re-Tipping and also Re-Using them.
  • Successful Habits and Customer Service.

Also Included:

Everything you required to get the show running is available in the Extension Starter Kit which includes: a training workbook, practice hair extensions, sectioning comb, micro-links, looper tools, extension pliers, and consultation cards.

Hair Extensions Houston


  1. Certification Program from the Lisha Coleman Institute

  • One of the top hair extension training facilities which are recognized internationally
  • Available courses spans between 1 to 5 days
  • Classes are suitable for both students and professionals regardless of levels of experience

The courses that they offer are:

The Fusion Method: The only technique that uses polymer, wax or glue. Lisha uses protein polymer for this method. While fusion can yield great results, the technique is considered to be not healthy for the hair. You’ll be able to learn the critical skill of determining whether it’s good for your client to go for fusion, and also learn to create many dynamic styles using this versatile technique.

The Micro-Indies Method: It requires skill and patience to learn this advanced, combination wefted/individual technique. But it would eventually pay off as it gives a stylist a competitive advantage over the rest. In this technique, one would learn to have small “microlinks” hair individually attached to the client, or attach them by using wefts.

The Malaysian Method: This is the technique which is the most undetectable, and that’s why nowadays it’s worn by many entertainers and models. You’ll learn how to form a foundation with the use of using micro-thin weft and a single thread.

The Swedish Technique: This technique is applicable on Latina, Asian, African American, and Caucasian women. While the method is mostly preferable by Caucasian clients, the Swedish Technique would still achieve wonderful results relaxed African American structured hair.

Interlocking: It’s a unique technique that is smooth and flat which would require two hours or less to have a full head completed. This way of wearing hair additions is natural. The method involves sewing and makes the client’s hair as the foundation, which is then combined with wefted human hair before joining them together with the use of a blanket stitch. The result is thicker and longer hair which is simply flawless.

Securelocking: This method which comes in the four-part series which is just incredible. Designed by Lisha Coleman, the method is intended specifically for men and women who are suffering from bald spots or thinning hair. Besides, the method is ideal for a client to put away all of their hair in which the cornrow method is not necessary. Securelocking gives you the opportunity to have a share in this area of hair extensions which is very profitable.