Our Top 5 Recommended Quality Hair Extension Bun

Are you in need of a casual chic or effortlessly elegant look for a special occasion? Here’s an ideal solution. This wrap would create an elegant ponytail or chignon which you can wear to an evening out, a wedding, or prom. Your look can be transformed within seconds. It’s just so easy! A brilliant idea to go with it is to have the wrap worn low on your head as a fun alternative to having it placed high on your head for an elegant look. Don’t limit yourself to wearing just one, why not wear more than one at a go? Go for two or more, and more fun to your bun!

Best Picks for Hair Extensions Bun


1. Fun Bun

Easihair’s Fun Bun is a best-selling hair wrap that comes with an elastic band, and it enables you to create fabulous updos. Your ponytail or bun would get an elegant accent with this synthetic, curly hair wrap.


2. Annabelles Wigs

Have you ever encounter a terrible bad hair day where you feel like your hair just isn’t really yours? Your hair woes are over as this hairstyle is for you! This clip in bun hair pieces attach to your own hair with a drawstring and they are quick and easy to fit.

3. Rapunzel® Hair Bunrapunzel-hair-bun

Style yourself like a celebrity! Rapunzel’s trendy hair bun would give you the glamor and volume that you want!

The Hair Bun would give you a style that’s show-stopping and modern, no need for hassles from adding full-length hair extensions or back combing. You can position the Rapunzel Hair Bun differently to get various styles. Put it at the back of your head, or on top, or even on the side to get a party look of the 1920s.

It is easy to have this hair bun attached and removed to create your style for evening or daytime.

4. Jennyfhairjennyfhair

Step by step, oh baby, it’s easy to get a perfect bun with Jennyfhair!

Jennyfhair’s hair bun feel and looks so alike to human hair as it’s made with semi-natural hair, and you can effortlessly make it into the perfect and sophisticated bun for any special occasion.

The hair bun can be applied and removed easily, and it’s no longer a tedious task to make flat or short hair into a fabulous hairstyle!

5. Girlis hair extensions: Spiral Hair Bungirlis-hair-extensions-spiral-hair-bun

You would instantly get a creative and sophisticated bun with the Spiral Hair Bun as it can be fitted easily with the drawstring method.

The Spiral Hair Bun make it possible to instantly create flattering hair styles at home and salon trip is not required to make them happen. Girlis’ spiral buns make you ladies life easier by providing the option to transform hairstyle in seconds!

These spiral buns are the instant way to turn a dorky office look to a gorgeous party look, and morning rush hour is no more a hindrance to a sophisticated and glamorous hairstyle.

Alternative To A Hair Extension Bun: Top Knot Bun With Hair Extensions top-knot-bun-with-hair-extensions

Looking for something more original? We’ve got your back. The Dirty Looks’ way to get a top knot bun with hair extensions is for you. Read on to find out how to do it.

The things you’ll need to create your unique top knot bun is:

  • Hairspray (In this example, we’ve got Tigi Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray)
  • Two hair ties
  • Bobby pins
  • HK Hair Extensions
  • A large hair doughnut
  • A hair brush

Step 1

Firstly, take the hair doughnut and start by getting your quad weft, be it available on its own or from the HK hair extensions, clipped into the hair doughnut, at somewhere slightly lower from the middle.

Step 2

Next, get the hair twisted to make it easy to be wrapped, then have the hair poke through the middle of the doughnut.

Step 3

Get the hair spread out and have it cover all the hair extension clips. Then, proceed to wrap around the doughnut until there’s no more hair for this.

Step 4

Proceed to keep the hair securely in place by pinning the ends of the wefts with a bobby pin. After you complete with wrapping your quad weft, get one of your two-clip wefts and have it clipped onto your hair doughnut. You should have this weft wrapped and pinned in the same manner how your quad weft is wrapped, and have the sparse areas covered. Continue to have the hair extensions wrapped around the doughnut till you’re satisfied with the thickness. Don’t forget to leave a hole in the middle with sufficient space for your own hair to get through.

Step 5

Before attaching the doughnut which is now wrapped with hair extensions, use a hair brush and sweep your own tresses up into a super-high ponytail, then get a hair tie to fasten your pony into place. For attachment of hair extension bun, let your ponytail go through the middle of the doughnut, and have your hair spread around it so that the hair extensions clips and bobby pins would be covered.

Step 6

Use another hair tie over the top of the bun to have it secured into position, then have any loose bit of hair around the bottom pinned using bobby pins. Complete the style by using a hairspray to mist your top knot so that it would be kept looking beautiful for the entire day!

This is the way to go for using hair extensions to get a thick looking and really pretty top knot! This way is our favorite way to get a top knot as clips went invisible and the whole thing appears as if you’ve got lots and lot of hair!

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