How Many Bundles Needed For A Sew-In?how many bundles for a sew in

A typical question frequently being asked is “how many bundles needed for a Sew-in?” The answer, naturally, differs depending on the size of the head, the fullness, the length of the bundle and depends on whether you are going to use a closure or frontal. We will go into more details on the specific requirements when dealing with a closure.

2 Criteria For Full Head Sew In Weave With Closure

There are 2 Essential criteria to look out when getting weave for full head sew in weave with closure.

1. Length of the Bundle

All virgin hair bundles are measured by grams. For a longer bundle, it will weight more than the shorter one. The longer you desires, the more bundle you need.
General guide as below:
• 1 bundle = 113.4g = 4oz
• Anything more than 22 inch will require more bundles.
• The longer the length you will need more bundles.
• A lot of times 2 bundles are needed for a complete appearance, offering the sense of volume. The main reason of getting a weave is to touch up the volume and matching the appliance own hair texture and color.
• You will require adding 1 or 2 bundles if the size of your head is slightly bigger than standard size.
• Bear in mind that the bigger the head will be when more bundles is adding up and the heavier your head will feel.
• If the length is more than 30 inch, you will need 4to 5 bundles.

Rule of thumb to follow:
Shorter the hair bundle the more it’s volume will be. A 12 inch will have much more volume than a 17-inch bundle of human hair.
With 12inch or less, 1 bundle is more than enough as at this length it has plenty volume on the weft. For range from 14 inches or more, it is best recommended to apply 2 bundles. Whereas anything from 20 inches and up, usually it will best to use 3 bundles of human hair.
Here’s a quick reference:
• 10’’ 12’’ = 1 bundle
• 14’’ 16’’ 18’’ = 2 bundles
• 20’’ 22’’ 24’’ 26’’ = 2 – 3 bundles

2. Hair Texture

Usually texture does not make any difference to the bundle amount; nevertheless, you able to lesser wefts for curly or kinky textures. For curl pattern, it’s density will make your hair look fuller, and you can have lesser weft for sew in.