Cleaning Curly Sew In Weavecurly sew in weave

The artificial hair extensions are extremely tempting as they come in astounding range. Besides that they are cheap to get and easily available. When coming to the maintenance of the weave, most girls who constantly settle for the synthetic weave will however will find it very tedious and unpleasant.

Cleaning curly sew in weave is sort of like cleaning a curly lace wig with a twist of cleaning braided hair extensions. If you are looking out on ways to maintain a curly stitch in hair weave, we have some guides undoubtedly will benefit you.

However, please take note, the guide we showing here are more towards washing sew in hair weave and might not applicable to tape hair, glued in hair weave, or skin weft hair extensions.

Washing Sew in Hair Weave

  • Washing:

Regular washing is required, even if your extensions are synthetic. However you do not need to wash them daily, but at least every fortnightly. You may want to wash off that dirt and grime using a mild hair shampoo and conditioner. If there is any case you use hairspray or any styling gel or product to style your extension make sure to wash the weave at the end of the day. Be very mindful that you should only wash the curly extension with cold water. There are a number of shampoos and conditioners that are specially dedicated for the synthetic wigs, in which it helps the fibers stay undamaged in the extensions and as well avoid them from tangling. Best possible do not use items which are alcohol based, it will make the hair become dry. Products like Coconut Oil  , Raw Shea Butter and Argan Oil are packed with natural ingredient which able to  keeps the hair hydrated and moisturized, but keep in mind less is more.

  • Conditioning or Moisturizing

Just like our hair, weave also needs deep conditioning. It is highly advised to do it two times a week. When the weave is a human hair, you will require using moisturizer to keep the hair moisturized. Unlike our natural human hair, weave and hair extension are not able to free the natural moisture and oils which developed from the scalp.

Select a water-based moisturizer so that the hair receives the moisture it needs and is not just coated in oils or thickeners.

A quality hair moisturizer is one that is water-based which mean water as first ingredient, contains butter or plant based oils and does not include mineral oil as human hair does not able to absorb mineral oil, so in the end it will only stay on the hair and trapping dust and smells.

  • Combing

Combing the hair extension is equally important as conditioning it as it does two things: Detangles as well as reshape and reform the curl. When the curly weave is dry do not brush or comb it. Many do not realize the damage this may do to the wild hair. The synthetic hair is more prone to breaking off so when you try to comb through the curls when it is dry you might happen to break off some hair ends by pulling on knots and tangles. So only comb it when it is damp with a large tooth comb.

For soft and straight wavy weave hair you can use brushes but this is not a wise choice for deeply wavy or curly weave hair. The reason is that when you use brushes the deep wave and curls end up being less specified and the hair will look more abundant.

If you want to seal moist into your growth hair and curly weave hair, when the hair is still damp use serums, moisturizers or oils and comb through it with a large tooth comb to disperse through the weave and hair extensions .

  • Styling

On daily basis, it will be advisable to use detangling spray on your extensions whether it is in use or not, so that it will be able to preserver for a longer time. The detangling spray keeps the curly extensions from turning dry or frizzy, and after sprayed, comb through it gently to avoid tangle.

Avoid blowing dry you curly weave as heat and air combined will cause the head of the hair to frizz out. Rather, towel dries it and permits the weave to dry naturally. If you remain in a hurry and in need to blow dry, never aim the nozzle straight on the hair, it can trigger shedding. The head of the weave will certainly frizz out under the high heat. Nonetheless the best method to dry them is air dry and keeps them away from the heat best possible in order to keep the hair last longer.

After the weave are dry do not permit yourself to run your hands through the hair or with extreme handling. Touching your hair typically will remove the moist in the hair and eventually it will frizz out.

The hair weave is sew in into your hair so you can just style it with any normal styling product you can find may it be hair gel, spray, mousse or  serum.

  • Trimming:

Keep the hair extension neat and sassy you will need to trim off those frizzy ends. They may not stick out in the curls however it is well to get them trimmed. Apply some oil onto the extensions and carefully comb through it. Allow the oil to sit on the hair end for an hour before clean off the excessive oil with towel. If it is required you can use shampoo to rinse off the oil properly.

Other important notes on curly hair weave maintenance:

Make use of some curl activator cream, gel or serum as they are design to keep the curly texture of the extension frizz free and smooth looking. Your extensions will look natural and beautiful when you keep it moisturize with these hair care product.