How To Pick The Matching Color Hair Extension That Blends Well With Your Hair?

The most notable and indicative blending sign is seeing one’s hair color doesn’t match with the extensions applied. It can be difficult to choose your shade when viewing them from a computer screen. However, there are several ways that you would be sure to get your natural match.
It is also important to know the tone of your hair as this would help you to choose an au-natural looking color. For example, you may want to use blonde hair extensions, but are you a golden blonde or an ash-toned blonde?

What Shade Hair Extensions Color Will Match My Hair?

The guideline summaries below would help you to select the right shade for you to go with:

light-blondesLight Blondes: Natural Blonde, Sunset Blonde, Pale Ash Blonde, California Blonde, Lightest Blonde.

medium-blonde Medium Blondes: Rodeo Drive Blonde, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Natural Blonde, Sunset Blonde, Malibu Blonde.

blondes-with-highlights Blondes with Highlights: Rodeo Drive Blonde, Ash Blonde, Golden Blonde, Sunset Blonde, Pale Ash Blonde.

strawberry-blondes Strawberry Blondes: Copper, Golden Blonde.
Dark Blondes: Malibu Blonde, Rodeo Drive Blonde, Ash Blonde.
Light Brunettes: Copper, Brown, Starlet Brunette, Hollywood Brunette, Beverly Hills Brunette, Light Brown, Malibu Blonde.

brunettes-with-highlights Brunettes with Highlights: Starlet Brunette, Beverly Hills Brunette.

medium-brunettes Medium Brunettes: Dark Brown, Bel Air Brunette, Brown, Hollywood Brunette, Starlet Brunette, Beverly Hills Brunette.

dark-brunettes Dark Brunettes: Black Brown, Dark Brown, Bel Air Brunette, Brown, Starlet Brunette.

black-hair-hair-extension Black Hair: Pure Black, Black Brown.

ombre-hair-extensions Ombre Hair: Bronzed Ombre, Ombre, 9021Ombre, L.A. Ombre or just any color which you think will match the ends of your hair closest.

redheads-hair-extensions Redheads: Roxbury Red (Dark), Hollywood Bronzed Brunette (Medium), Copper (Light).

What Part Of My Hair Should The Extensions Match With?

When it comes to selecting a color to go with your natural hair, go for a color that matches your natural hair from the middle to the ends. You shouldn’t choose the hair color of the “roots” of your natural hair as that tends to be in a different shade. The best color to go with would be one that matches with the ends of your hair.

If you are purchasing your extensions at a local outlet or salon, you can test the color by bringing the extensions to your hair side by side under the natural light to assess how close the match is. Most companies that sell extensions online would send color samples for a small fee, and it’s worthwhile spending it. Choose the color which mimics your natural hair color the closest, then make your decision after receiving the samples and test out the color on your own. The few extra dollars and the additional time spend is worth spending for you to get the right color before you make extension purchase. Some companies would request a sample of your natural hair so they can match for you. So, just snip off a curl from your natural hair and send it to them, and they will select the best option for your new extensions after a color analysis.