What Do You Know About Braidless Sew In Weave?

Braidless Sew Insbraidless sew in weave

The braidless sew in weave is also referred to as the Malaysian weave. This Hair extensions technique is getting an appeal, giving its big sibling the traditional sew in weave some competition. This weaving method is built on the same concepts as the braided sew in, just minus the braids.

The braidless sew-in is stated to get rid of bulkiness throughout the hair, leaves no lumps or bumps, and offers more flexibility with styling as far as putting your hair up into a high ponytail without exposing any of the extensions. It was referred as a much healthier type of hair extension; the braidless weave commented as weave systems that do less damage to your hair. Likewise, it is also referred to as the pinch method, the weave-interlocking technique or the flexi-weave system. It will allow the natural hair much easier to breathe with this kind of hair extension, and it does not require glue, bonding agents or tight braids to keep the hair extension to stay in tag. Other words meaning that it will allow extensive cleansing when washing your hair.

Malaysian Weave Technique

With this technique you able to leave out natural hair and only to add extensions for the length and body by sewed it onto the links. By using this method, you can keep the versatility of creating “natural” hairdos like up-dos, buns and much more. Besides that, you can decide from a variety of ways to add the extensions. The best part of this technique is you will have less traction and hair loss problem as the linked row lays flatter on the head, in which it doesn’t pull the hair at the root, which can occur with a weave braid throughout the very first week or until your hair grows in.

This method is most attractive to those ladies who are comfier having their natural hair and are looking to get more length or to those who have been wearing conventional sew-ins and are deciding to shift into wearing their natural hair.

When deciding whether the Braidless technique is the best suit you there are a couple of things to remember.

  1. This method can be achieved almost on anybody, but it will usually work much better for people with longer hair and are seeking to add on more length and body to it.
  2. Due to the way in which the extensions are installed, gentle care of the extensions is needed. Even thought the hair can still be cleaned and styled, but it recommended going to the stylist to carries out some maintenance treatments occasionally.
  3. After the installation, it will typically last about 6 to 8 weeks, but it still depends on the individual hair development. As the links are set up at the root of the hair, it will further press the link away from the scalp as the hairs grow.

What You Need To Know Before Getting One

Will be hurt to apply the bonds?

Generally, no. The sew in are used close to your scalp, it may feel a bit tight, but eventually, the tightness will go away in a few days.

How long does it take to install?

Braidless sew in will take at least 2 to 4 hours to install depending on the fullness of hair and the desired installation.

How much does braidless sew in cost?

To get this technique of sew in, on the average, it cost about $100 per row with the condition for installation only. While $250 per row including the hair and the installation.

How long does it last?

You can keep that hair as long as those tracks are still close to your head, but when your hair start to grow out it will push it further away and that the time to get it removed as it will become very uncomfortable and there’s a high risk of matting and tangles. Basically, you can keep it about 1-2 months.