Shortcut To A Stunning Hairstyle: Braid In Hair Extensions

There are just so many ways that you can have a unique look that will make you stand out from the crowd. One of the ways to do this is to change your current hairstyle, and doing it correctly will make a real difference which would enable you to get the right kind of attention and express your personality.

We recommend you to bring forth such change using hair extensions for braids. It’s already well known that the use of hair extensions is the quick and easy way for women to have their hairstyle completely altered. It’s not just about having a brand new style. With extensions, you can have new hair too. By using the right extensions, you can have virtually any look you desire.

Actually, you can even have braids with hair extensions. It’s common for a braid to require a long time to pull off, depending on hair types. Moreover, getting a full head of braids would require standing still for hours and paying the hefty price tag.

Things are getting a little different nowadays as all you need to have is the right hair extensions. You can change your short hairstyle to long ones in just minutes. And if you’re not satisfied with the result, you can just remove them. Otherwise, you can keep your flattering hairstyle for weeks at a time.

How Much Hair Will You Need For A Full Head Of Hair Extensions Braid?braid-hair

What a million-dollar question! When you’re making kiddiewinks with two packs of standard jumbo braids hair extensions cut in half, you would eventually use only roughly one and a half packets altogether (three of the cut bundles).

When applying synthetic bulk braiding hair on adults, with the estimate of head circumference of 22.5 inches, five to six packs of hair extensions required, without the need to cut the hair in half. However, if the hair is cut in half, only three packs are required.

When applying human hair on adults, you would need a minimum of three packets to pull off the trick and have a medium fullness of hair without straining the scalp too much. Some may use more as they want to have a super voluminous look.

You Should Go For Human Or Synthetic Hair Extensions For Braiding?

Just as how one’s natural hair is treated, all hairpieces, extensions, and perukes made of human hair can be treated the same way too. You can use hot rollers and hair dryers on them, or use straighteners and curling irons, have it your way.

If you use synthetic hair for braiding extensions, then you can’t heat style. One exception to this is synthetic hair labeled as heat resistant, which you can freely use heat to style or hot water to seal ends.

You can blow dry non-heat resistant fibers, but you must do it on a cold setting, or the hair will melt.