How to Braid For Sew-In Weave ?braid-for-sew-in-weave

When it comes to making natural-looking and attractive sew-in hair weave, it boils down to one essential matter: how good is the braiding. Braids that are loose or raised and even bulky then the sew in would easily detach. On the contrary, if the braids are tight, flat and small, it will be easier to sewn-in, and it will give a natural look.

The edges of hair are prone to split or break as they are fragile. It should come without saying that daily routine such as tying your hair in ponytails and brushing the edges are causes of breakage. If these are already causing the harm to your hair, you should get an idea of the total damage and tension to your hair if you braid the edges of your hair for a prolonged period.

You should use larger sections so that the tension is evenly distributed. The front hair should not be braided, and it should be smoothed down instead with pomade and then scarfed up for a short while, say 15 minutes. To avoid unwanted continuous tension on the same spot, you should not use too much hair on your edges. Note that too much of tightness can give you headaches and also damage your hair. Be sure that you don’t braid too tight.

The side of the head is where you should start when you create the cornrow. Then, begin by crossing the hair on right hand below the center section, followed by crossing in on your left-hand side. Go on and repeat the crisscross pattern along the part line and add in more hair from your head while you proceed. Make a cornrow braid by adding it to the center section. Do ensure that the braid is of delicate tightness, tight but not too tight. At the end of it, use an elastic band or rubber band of dark color to secure the cornrow braid.

Be cautious that you don’t take too much hair when creating the cornrow, because it would be prone to develop mold if it does not dry completely after a wash. The extensions should be sewn carefully. You are advised to get hair stylist assistance to neatly secure the hair extensions on your head. One essential thing to note is that the stitches should be invisible from the surface and you will need to keep them neat.

Braid Hair For Sew In Weave

Tips & Warnings

  • Before braiding the hair, do not apply any products on it and let it be washed and well dried. This will facilitate the process of making tight and small braids as it you could grasp it with ease when it is dry. Be ready to allocate ample amount of time to braid your hair because you may be tempted to make the braids bigger if you are in a rush or wanting to save time. The end product will not look good as your hair will look bulky.
  • Once again, we remind you: the braids near the edges of the hair must not be too tight. This part of the hair is not only sensitive, and it may be pulled out easily. At the end of the braiding process, if you cannot put chin to your neck and cannot move your eyebrows down and up in a comfortable manner, you ought to check whether the braids around the edges are too tight.