Best Weave Brands That We Highly Recommend

The void in hair weaving market has been filled up within last few years’ time. Today’s weave and extensions have textures that resemble natural hair. Now ladies can find weave with all types of curls and frizzes so everyone can shape their unique style.The availability of plentiful new choices makes thing convenient as one does not have to change much of original hairstyle to get matching ones. This is the objective of protective styling. You could try on various colors and styles that dying and styling your hair, like dyeing them blonde or make them short, is not necessary. Given the matching colors and textures, not many will find out that you are wearing extensions.

Manufacturers provide according to consumer demands. When natural hair becomes the in the thing, the market response by supplying more selections of wigs, weaves, and natural hair textured extensions made available on familiar online wig stores. The surge in natural hair extensions and wigs brings good news that there we could get new extensions! A handful of companies has put in a real effort to make some natural hair wigs and extensions that are fabulous.

The following are the ten best natural hair weave companies that are ready to serve all naturalistas. They offer a variety of options:  clip-in wefts, wigs, closures, sew-in extensions, etc. You name them, and they have got them!

10 Best Hair Weave Brands For You

Best Hair Brand For Sew In Weave


  1. Indique Hair

Indique is famous for their matchless virgin Indian hair. The wearers comprise of a fleet of celebrity namely Jill Scott, Rihanna, and Gabrielle Union. You could find yours here too.


  1. Haute Kinky Hair

Haute Kinky Hair’s hair pieces are made of 100% virgin curly human hair, and they are the perfect match for 3b-4c hair textures. Three of the main collections offered are The Haute Coils collection, which is for 3b textured curly; the Haute Curls collection, suitable for 3c/4a textured curlies, and the Haute Kinks collection for 4b/4c textured curlies. You could customize the hair by dyeing or bleach them to match preferred hair color, and then make them into a wig or for a sew-in.


  1. SnobLife Hair

This hair company belonging to Ming Lee is our favorite for three reasons: affordable prices, extra long lengths for those ladies who are fans of long, luxurious mane, and guess what? Special hair sales that you could not miss!


  1. Heat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair is hand picked, and sourced from one donor at a time, and are kept intact with the full cuticle. The owner is a certified Hair Manufacturing technologist specializes in natural hair styling. The hair matches and fits in with a many curl patterns and hair types. They also offer 100% virgin human hair, and you could choose from weft hair, closures, wigs, and clip-ins.


  1. Private Stock Hair

Private Stock Hair is prized unworked cuticle hair. Every strand is carefully checked to ensure natural gloss, color, strength, and build. These hair pieces are made of 100% virgin and 100% human hair, and be it bleached, colored, or straightened, they could be revert. Rich choices of textures for kinky, coily, curly naturals and even straight and wavy styles. Types of hair offered by this brand are signature wigs, clip-on extensions and hair closures.


  1. Extensions Plus

Extensions Plus’ hair are sought after products of many celebrities. The company claims itself to be spearhead in providing insightful patrons with best and top quality genuine hair products.


  1. CurlSistas

What makes the CurlSistas Hair impressive is the fact that their line of hair extensions are not only naturally textured, they blends with your natural hair easily and comes in clip-ins and weft hair. If well-taken care, the hair may last one year or more. CurlSistas hair is genuine 100% human hair and can be washed, heated and dyed.


  1. Bella Dream

If blonde locks are your thing, then Bella has got what you wanted. Blac Chyna’s stunning blonde extensions give her a highly sought after look, and the credit would go to Bella.


  1. ONYC Hair

This company is unique, and it has in store colored treated hair and also kinky afro textures.


  1. Princess Hair Shop

Their virgin hair has got faithful followers comprises of many YouTube hair guru, owing it to the texture as it blends well.