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I've taken great pleasure in serving hair care needs since 1993.  You can trust me to consistently design hair especially created for you.

Do you suffer from hair loss and wish for a full head of hair again? Look no further than expert hair replacement and hair extensions services of Innovative Hair Designs in Seattle, Washington We specialize in hair loss solutions and human hair extensions. Offering hair replacement services, loss, hair extensions, hair weaves, wigs, hair solutions women, Beauty Salon & metro hair.

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Nikkie's  specialties are;

• Healthy hair care

• Hair extensions; sew in Weave, warm fusion, interlocki, Seamless Hair, micro links, net weave and quick weave.



• Non-surgical hair replacement.


Want Full, Thick Hair Again?
You may desire to regain the overall hair density that you had before the onset of thinning hair or hair loss as a result of illness such as alopecia, cancer and lupus.  With today's revolutionary hair loss solutions, this is easier to accomplish than ever before, I provide solutions for men and women.

MY MISSION:  Commitment to outstanding customer service and excellence in all I do. Always go beyond the call of duty with a continual attitude to lifelong learning so that I may continue to provide hair careservices and hair loss solutions to help individuals grow and maintain a healthy head of hair.  My promise is to make every effort to serve my clients so that you will want to come back again and again and refer a friend or two. 

Innovative Hair Designs can help you to regain and maintain your hair by offering the following services:

• Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
Hair Extensions
 All services can be customized to fit your needs
•Full Cranial Chemo Prostheses(wigs)

Hair Maintenance Program
• Customized Human Hair Prostheses
• Top of Head Enhancement
Sew in Weaves

Nikkie Lee's History
Nikkie Lee is a Certified Trichologist, Board Certified Cosmetologist, Hair Extensionist, Certified Hair Loss Specialist who has 22 years of experience and works on all textures of hair. Nikkie has extensive training in hair care, hair styling, hair loss solutions, trichology, consulting, salon management, hair extensions, make-up application just to name a few.  


When Nikkie was diagnosed with Alopecia, she became determined to specialize in hair loss solutions and hair care.   Because she experienced hair loss herself, Nikkie decided to study Trichology which is the scientific study of hair and scalp disorder. With this knowledge, Nikkie hopes to help others who suffer from hair loss.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is an alarming condition that may  manifest by excessive hair shedding, or thinning.  Normal hair sheds at about 80-100 strands per day.  Diffused hair loss may be present (shedding of thinning over the entire head) or hair loss may occur in small circumcised patches in one or more areas (alopecia areata).   

A vibrant head of hair is associated with youth, health and vitality, on the other hand, hair loss is associated with aging.  An increasing number of people are losing hair, and this hair loss has nothing to do with advanced age.  Many people who have hair loss are not initially aware of it until it becomes apparent to family and friends or excessive hairs is seen in the shower, or sink after a shampoo, then they realize that something is seriously wrong.  Too often many wait until most of the hair is gone, before consulting someone about it.

Quite often many hair care specialists say that these clients have tried various ineffective home remedies before seeking help, but there are many different reasons for hair loss.  Medical causes may include systemic illnesses such as lupus, diabetes, thyroid imbalances, hyperglycemia and low blood sugar.  There is also drug relate hair loss.

Androgenic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness &Female Pattern Baldness), the leading cause of hair loss, is hereditary.  One common cause of diffuse hair loss in women is iron deficiency anemia.  Hereditary hair loss is usually accelerated by androgen's which are male hormones. 

Hair Extensions, Hair Replacement, Hair Care, Wigs |Seattle, WA







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This explains why Young males with a predisposition to MPB will notice gradual hair loss beginning in the early time.  Women who are entering menopause will notice a gradual thinning of the hair in the pattern area.  This is due to estrogen levels decreasing and the androgenic activity, though not increasing, is no longer suppressed by the levels of estrogen.  Along with this comes the noticeable extra facial hair. It was previously mentioned that some drugs do contribute to hair loss, however, the nature of some drugs have been used to promote hair growth by certain researchers.  One diuretic that is commonly used for high blood pressure, Spironolactone, had been proven to block androgen, and in some cases, has been used to treat hair loss caused by androgenic activity.

AndrogenicAlopecia is very common in women and is the #1 cause of hair loss in men and women and is a result of genetics.  May experience Female Pattern Thinning, which is a gradual thinning, predominantly in the crown area, this may also include noticeable thinning on the sides of the head.  It begins in the early twenties, and progresses after menopause.  Under normal conditions, hair sheds at approximately 80-100 strands per day.  These hairs are replaced during the normal hair growth cycle, but when there is abnormal hair shedding, these hairs are not replaced.

Hair loss is called Alopecia.  It can occur to any part of the body where there is hair.

Alopecia areata:                  Loss of hair in smalldefined patches that can affect the scalp or other parts of the body.  This                                                  for of alopecia is caused when the immune system attacks the hair follicles.  There is no                                                        known evidence why the immune system attacks the the hair follicles in this way but we do                                                  know is it could be triggered by stress.

Alopecia totalis:                   Total loss of scalp hair, it is not clear what causes this but it is thought that it could be                                                              triggered by an autioimmune disorder or stress.

Alopecia universalis:             Loss of all body hair

Post-partum alopecia:         Hair loss experienced after childbirth

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Alumni at Dudley Advanced Cosmetology Academy
Currently studying at the Elan Center for Trichology

Graduate of DeKalb Beauty College in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Received Certification from Onrite Non-Surgical
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Volunteer with Cancer Society for the
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